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Egg Salad

Egg Salad in 5 Minutes: Original Dutch Recipe


This Egg Salad (eiersalade) is an original recipe from Holland. It's a classic to serve during a brunch, to have with some breadsticks, to make canapes or to make delicious sandwiches. This is a very easy and quick recipe, but with which you will have incredible […]

Vegan Oreo Cake
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Vegan Oreo Cake


This Vegan Oreo Cake is a dream not only for vegans, but anyone will love it. No one will believe that this delicious cake does not contain any dairy products or eggs. What I love about the Vegan Oreo Cake. There are several reasons why it is […]

Exquisite creamy red pepper soup

Creamy Red Pepper Soup

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Surprise your family or guests with this delicious and healthy recipe for Creamy Red Pepper Soup. A soup with a sweet touch, smooth, creamy and full of flavor that anyone will love. Ideal to serve as a first course or for a light dinner. Yes […]

Mango Smoothie Bowl con granola casera

Mango Smoothie Bowl

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This healthy Mango Smoothie Bowl is a refreshing and nutritious breakfast or snack idea. Both adults and children will love this smoothie bowl. Add your favorite fresh fruit and nuts to create your favorite smoothie bowl. Quick and healthy breakfast – Mango Smoothie Bowl If you […]