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About "Recetas by Oum Bilal"

This recipe blog “Recetas by Oum Bilal” is dedicated to all the people who love cooking and love food, moms who need a little bit of inspiration or anyone looking for a different recipe. I, as a wife and mother of one, have many times found myself in the situation of not knowing what to cook. I've spent hours and hours searching recipe blogs around the world for inspiration. In addition to giving personal touches to recipes from around the world, I love letting myself get carried away by my creativity in the kitchen.

Nowadays, cookbooks are not so popular anymore, but there are some amazing recipe blogs where you can find any recipe. The thing is, I have seen myself in many situations of finding recipes for which extravagant kitchen robots are needed, which I do not have and at the moment I do not plan to acquire either. In my small kitchen, what I use are hand mixers and a blender. I like to make the dough and any type of food by hand to give it a lot of love. This means that all the recipes on my blog can be made without the need to have kitchen robots.

I love Cooking From Scratch, I try to make all my recipes from scratch, using natural products and as little processed foods as possible, from recipes to make your own bread at home to delicious main dishes. You can also expect recipes, let's say, a little less healthy. But as you probably already know, once in a while doesn't hurt.

All these delicious recipes that I am going to share on my blog are not difficult to make and with ingredients that you can find in any nearby store. If I use any less common seasonings or foods, I'll give you tips on where to get them.

 I hope you will enjoy this blog, and I really hope that you will find a recipe (or several) which make your family smile.

Every click, every recipe you make, every comment and/or rating you leave me, helps me grow this recipe blog and makes me able to continue sharing my passion for cooking with you completely for free. If you have prepared a recipe that you have enjoyed, I greatly appreciate it if you leave me a comment and rating on the recipe. Thank you so very much!

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