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A salad can be a nutrient-dense main course or a side dish. Salads are ideal for dinner, as they are light but filling. Find your favorite salad or salad bowl here.

hmiss algerian recipe

Algerian Roasted Pepper Salad (Hmiss)

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This Algerian Roasted Pepper Salad (Hmiss or also called Felfel), is made of roasted green peppers, tomatoes and garlic. It´s seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. It´s very easy to make although it takes some time due to the roasting time of the vegetables […]

Egg Salad

Egg Salad in 5 Minutes: Original Dutch Recipe


This Egg Salad (eiersalade) is an original recipe from Holland. It's a classic to serve during a brunch, to have with some breadsticks, to make canapes or to make delicious sandwiches. This is a very easy and quick recipe, but with which you will have incredible […]

Delicious Greek Salad
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Greek Salad

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This Greek Salad is quick to prepare and has a dressing you'll love. It is very refreshing, so it is ideal during the hot summer months, but it is so delicious that you will keep making it all year long. This refreshing Greek Salad will be a success. Many times, the […]